Foodie Finds: *Tender Greens !*

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Happy Sunday! Hope everyone is having a great weekend! Today I have a Foodie Find that I’m super stoked to share with you guys, so without further ado lets jump in!!

Tender Greens Point Loma ,Ca

Whenever I’m driving around town there are usually about three things running through my head, number one: what do I want to do? Where do I want to go and number three : Am I hungry? If so, what to eat?! So long story short I’m always thinking about food ( Not to mention I’m a cook!) and when I’m driving around town I like to search for my next little foodie gem.

Since I have food restrictions I look for the most out of the box restaurants or food joints that cater to my dietary needs. This restaurant definitely checked the box for all of that!!


What I admire about this little gem is the open concept of the interior and the cafeteria styled ordering . It’s definitely untraditional but it really works! ( p.s I really like restaurants that have the kitchen on the outside so you can watch the chefs cook your food!) The atmospher is so peaceful and welcoming, the restaurant caiters to all kinds of dietary restrictions such as Vegans, Pescetarians and carnivores making this a great choice for family night outs or a date night!


My foodie choice of the day was the Tuna Nicoise Salad. This tasty dish comes with   seared tuna and a variety of unique toppings such as quail egg, capers,  green beans, Weiser Farms potatoes with a splash of the sherry vinaigrette. The dish not only was really tasty but also was eye catching!

The outside dining really makes this restaurant even more appealing ! You get a healthy gourmet meal with the beautiful outdoor weather and friendly customer service, what more could you ask for?! Not to mention, They love dogs! Choose the outdoor seating and before you know it a server is at your table with a bowl of water just for your pup!

Overall this is a nice little restaurant for any kind of casual occasion and I would highly recommend it for such an outing!

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Thanks guys, have a great week!! 🙂

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Foodie Finds: Walking On Water Cafe !!

Helle Everyone! Today I am so excited to share with you one of my favorite foodie destinations here in San diego, so without further ado let’s get started!!

Walking On Water Cafe


Located in Ocean Beach right on the  pier rests a cute little quaint cafe right on the water! One of my personal favorite stops, enjoy a tasty homemade clam chowder or get here early to enjoy a simply sweet breakfast! My absolute favorite things to indulge in would be the Ahi Caesar Salad! Its huge and has the perfect amount of AHi.

Not only is the food delicious & the view spectacular but the friendly staff and the positive atmosphere leaves you feeling uplifted and overjoyed for the day ahead! Along with your K-love tunes and delicious grub , enjoy a nice walk along the west coasts longest cement pier and read up on the cafes heartwarming history!

In The Heart Of Ocean Beach California

For those who like to buy quirky little goodies or enjoy window shopping, right under the pier offers plenty of attractions from antic shops to gift shops and plenty of other cafe’s and restaurants to try!

Thanks for checking out my post! If you’ve ever tried this place, or plan on trying it leave me a comment below and share your experiences! Please like, share with a friend and subscribe to my blog!! Hope you guys enjoy the rest of your evening! Happy Eats! 🙂

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