When God Hears you & Answers

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Sorry it has been quite some times since I last posted. My Month long adventures brings new articles and plenty of great insight that I had received to share and pass on to you guys!


While I was away on a work trip, I went through a lot of challenging situations that God provided me opportunities to  overcome and learn from.  So without further ado let’s jump right in!!


When we Pray


Whenever we go through challenging situations we always end up giving God the most shout outs  but what about all the times he has provided the direction and insight we needed?? We have more good days then bad but for some reason we choose to only get close to God in the hard times.

For myself, I choose to thank God through the good and the bad days, times, and situations. With this kind of mindset and relationship you reduce the amount of mundane days and prayers you have with God.

While we are enjoying all the good times , we get use to the good and forget to thank God for the times that He gives us to enjoy and instead focus on how He will get us out of the bad. To me that doesn’t seem like a relationship, in fact I feel as though it distances yourself between God.

When we pray we should have the mentality of always thanking God first for everything He has done for us, providing a path, successful careers, being a shoulder to lean on etc. You can also thank God through the adversity in your life. Adversity is one of the vary reasons your relationship grows with God because it allows Him to test you and refine you as a whole.

Praying with a purpose


I’ve learned throughout time how to pray more effectively. At first we all sound the same, praying for all the things that we want in life followed up by a quick thanks for everything and so on. To me prayers like this are useless and have no substance. First off, God is not some genie who grants you three wishes.. Not even close!!

God is the creator of the universe!! He created man and women, the air we breath every living thing that crawls and inhibits the earth that he also created! And with all the wonderful things that He implanted, created and embedded in each of us, this God of ours chooses to allows us freedom to follow in the foot steps of his son Jesus or to live out an earthy life. What he wants is for us to WANT to be with Him and serve with Him , to be a light to a fallen world and it all starts with hoe we approach Him in prayer.

God wants to have a relationship with all of us, and if we desire the same with Him then we should give Him the time of day, treating our time with God like if it were a gym session; focused, purposeful and completely engaged. When we pray we should pray with a purpose , starting with giving thanks for all that He has provided (success, job, finances, health, etc.) and for guiding and directing our paths.  Then we should follow up with asking Him to continue to guide us through whatever event, obstacle, or situation that you are going through and ask that He PROVIDE the STRENGTH, GOOD JUDGEMENT and PEACE OF MIND to get you though that time.

When we pray with purpose it allows us to rely on God and all that He provides, it gives us a more grateful and thankful attitude , and give the honor , glory and power back to God.

God & Guidance 


“Adonai is good as a refuge in the day of distress, and he knows those who take refuge in Him.” – Nahum 1:7

God knows us more then we know ourselves and all He wants is for us to truly trust him and seek him with all the desires of our heart. The more we can connect to God the more He can guide us and open our eyes to new growth opportunities and ways to positively  impact others for His cause.

For me , I was able to truly dig deep and know without a doubt that God is here for me through the good and the bad and that when adversity shows up at my door step, God is trying to pry open my flaws and refine me so that I can be a better me in order to help those around me to get in touch with Him. This vary foundation all boils down to trusting God wholeheartedly with every aspect of your life.

When we pray purposeful prayers, we allow ourselves to put God in control of every situation and provide us the strength and guidance needed. Praying in the good times by giving thanks lets us remind ourselves daily of all the things He has pushed us through, helped us attain, and overcome.


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