RedBrick Pizza: Vegan Addition

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Today I will be featuring Red Brick Pizza with a special twist !!

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RedBrick Pizza

RedBrick pizza is a local favorite and not only caters to the carnivores taste buds but also to the herbivores such as Vegans, Vegetarians and the gluten frees!! This is a huge deal to me because the majority of my family members only consume veggies or have a more veggie based diet with no meats and no dairy!

When you enter into the pizza cafe they will have a list at the counter (depending on location) of all the vegetarian options. Its pretty much the same original artisan styled pizza’s on the menu just without the meat.

For the gluten free and vegans, you have to request the vegan styled cheese also known as Daiya on top of their Gluten Free pizza dough. Daiya is a non- dairy , soy, lactose, egg, peanuts, fish and shellfish free plant based “cheese” . Daiya uses all natural ingredients and is certified Vegan.

I check out this restaurant with a buddy of mine and we tried out two types of vegan pizza’s. The one I had was the Farmer Kyle which included pine huts, Daiya, fresh arugula and cilantro, red onions , banana peppers and mushrooms.


P.s The Small is the PERFECT size for an individual pizza. Four slices and just enough to fill you up !:)

So for all those Gluten Free, Vegetarians and vegans I would highly recommend checking out this place !! Let me know in the comments below what your favorite pizza is!!

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