Guarded In Christ Book Review Special!!

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Today I will be doing two book reviews for the price of one blog post! So without further ado lets jump right in!



This is one of my favorites written by Heather Hollman who invites the readers to surrender themselves to the will of the Holy Spirit. By surrendering we will be able to fulfil the quests that God has for us to accomplish here on earth.

Hollman goes into the structure of how we need to keep God at the center of our minds and hearts. God is our fotress and our protector keeping us safe from spiritual battles.

In order for us to except Gods will for our lives we must die to self  to be hidden in Christ and live out a crucified life with God.

Hollman illustrates these empowering cincepts by using the Eagle metaphor and hidden fortress within us.

Without spoiling the rest, I highly encourage you guys to take a look at her book and be inspired and empowered by her words!!

Seated In Christ

Ever felt like no matter where you are in life you alwayd felt like you needed a place of belonging? Whether its a seat at the financials table or the most put-to-gether table,  we all have a need to belong to something or more importantly someone.

In another great hit  Heather Hollman shares with us a journey through her life and how she too once had the need for belonging. Hollman shares eith us that throughout our life, wether christian or coming of faith we all feel the same way.

Seated In Christ goes in depth on how God is our table and we are all seated around Him with Jesus. We are all invited to come as we are and surrender ourselves to be renewed in Jesus.

No matter what hourney you’ve been on or what kind of situations you’ve been through, you will always have a seat at the table Jesus and He will build you up in confidence and strength through Him so you may carry on the good works you were meant to do for the kingdom of God!

I stumbled uoom these books while browsing a few local christian book stores and have come to really enjoy the read and heloful advuce of Heather Hollman. I hope you find these books to be a light for you guys and inspires you to live a life guarded in and seated with Christ!!

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